Q: How is your facility responding to COVID-19?

A: WideWorld has put together a COVID-19 Response Plan that you can read HERE. Information changes daily, and we will update and respond accordingly as quickly as we can.

Q: How do I get on a Team Roster?

A1: Log into your WideWorld Account. Click on Registration, select the league you want, and then select the “Join a Team” option. From there, search for your team and click on the Join team button highlighted in Green. This will send an email to your team manager who must then accept your request to join the team.

A2: Team Managers, or any team member on a team roster, can log into their WideWorld Account, click on the INVITE tab, and then enter their team member emails in the space provided. This will send an email to each respective team member asking them if they want to join. Team members must accept the invitation in order to join.

Q: Do I have to pay a yearly membership fee? (Membership fees waived for adult teams and individuals through August 2021)

A: WideWorld’s membership fee are for PARTICIPANTS only. For example, a parent can create an account for their child to participate in a Skill Clinic class. The parent would not pay the membership fee, but the child would be charged a yearly fee for participation in the class.

Q: Do I have to pay the membership fee if I am the coach of a youth team?

A: No. When you go to register the team make sure to indicate in the registration process that you are the manager of the team. The system will not add the fee to your cart at Check Out.

Q: Do I have to pay a membership fee if I am just a sub for a team?

A: Yes. All participants must create and pay for a membership account in order to play in a game.

Q: Which team changes jersey color in case of a conflict with the opposing team?

A: IT IS NOT THE HOME TEAM. The team with fewer players at the time of kick off  is the unfortunate team that has to change. There are game vests in the WW front office that can be exchanged for a set of keys. Once the vests are returned, the keys are returned (Due to COVID-19, game vests will no longer be provided to customers. Teams will be required to bring their own set of vests in case of color conflicts).